the first motorized
fitness wheel

accessible modes to assist beginners and challenge experts

versatile workouts to engage every major muscle group

integrated app for users to track, train, and compete

portable device to exercise anywhere, anytime

a fitness device that
meets you at your level

Those beginning and in recovery in their fitness journeys can use assistance mode with five levels, where ZeroWheel helps you reach your full range of motion through all major muscle groups and essential workouts.

As users strengthen over time, they continue lowering assistance levels on ZeroWheel to reach level zero.

Advanced users can push beyond assistance into resistance mode, with five levels to continue challenging you as you grow.

one device,
endless workouts

Your core is involved in every movement of your body, and ZeroWheel allows you to reach all 360 degrees of it.

Any surface can be transformed into a full-body gym with a simple adjustment in grip and incline.

Boost your efficiency per rep using a variety of modes to hit every major muscle group with just one device.

train. track. compete.

The ZeroWheel integrated app allows you to seamlessly track your progression through your personalized account, change ZeroWheel modes and levels, and measure stats as you workout.

Explore innovative exercises and workout programs in the app with our training content, designed by fitness professionals.

Connect and compete with friends and family in our ZeroWheel community to reach your goals in a fun, engaging, and healthy way.

workout anywhere, anytime

ZeroWheel is designed to be compact and portable, allowing you to take it wherever you need to go.

Small space is no problem for ZeroWheel, as most exercises can be done on a yoga mat.

ZeroWheel is the perfect solution for warm ups, conditioning, and recovery on the road.

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