ZeroWheel Gym Kit:

an all-in-one solution

elevate your gym with the latest technology

Anti-theft Technology

ZeroWheel Rack is the central hub of the ZeroWheel Gym Kit.

ZeroWheels communicate via Bluetooth with the Rack's onboard computer. When out-of-range, paired ZeroWheels will sound a loud alarm.

Gym owners have the option to configure anti-theft with silent alarms and receive notifications on irregular activity through the ZeroWheel Fitness app.

Wireless Charging

ZeroWheel Docks sit on the ZeroWheel Rack, offering safe, seamless, and cordless charging for ZeroWheels.

ZeroWheels signal their state of charge with colored and animated light, so users can be sure that their ZeroWheel of choice is ready to use.

Tap-to-connect BLE

Users with the ZeroWheel Fitness app downloaded on their smartphones will be able to connect within seconds.

When users with registered accounts connect to a device, ZeroWheel syncs their data so they can continue existing workout regimens seamlessly.

Additional Accessories

ZeroWheel Gym Kits include ZeroWheel Pads and ZeroWheel Mats for enhanced floor and wall workout experiences.

ZeroWheel Pads make floor exercises more comfortable by cushioning the knees. ZeroWheel Mats attach to walls via 3M Command™ Strips, protecting surfaces while increasing friction during wall-based exercises.

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