rethink how you train

with a motorized
fitness device

for the beginners...

...and the pros

Assistance modes help you build a stronger foundation for your core.

Resistance modes allow you to take your training to the next level.

Powered with next-gen motor technology, ZeroWheel will redefine the way you exercise.

One device, endless workouts


The core is at the center of all body movement. Uncover your core strength with dynamic and innovative workouts.


A mirror to the core, your back is essential to your total-body fitness. Find new ways to enhance these key muscles.


Add a new dimension to your routine through chest-focused workouts that can take your health to new heights.

Arm + Shoulders

Conditioning has never felt more accessible with these multi-tiered workouts to ignite your arms and shoulders.

Legs + Glutes

Develop a new appreciation for lower body training with our effective exercises made to form a stronger total-body connection.

the injury you never had

Regardless of your physique, having a developed core is crucial for a healthy lifestyle. ZeroWheel is a low impact device, designed to strengthen your body and prevent injuries before they ever happen.

personal analytics and training

Seamlessly link your phone or smartwatch to the ZeroWheel app and view insights on your performance. Challenge family and friends to share progress and compete.